Tips on Prepping Your Home for Hot Weather

In preparation for the summer month’s hot weather, many make positive lifestyle changes to improve their bodies and appearances. For example, people visit the dentist to whiten their teeth for a smile as radiant as the sun. The most common change is a healthier diet and increased exercise. Sweets, sugars, and starches are substituted for vegetables and lean meats. In the gym, going the extra mile coupled with all the extra repetitions of weights, push-ups, and sit-ups will have your summer body looking great.

As you prepare your body for summer, don’t forget to prepare your home. There are several steps you can take before the temperatures rise to ensure your house can withstand the heat and rain of summer. Read below to learn more about preparing your home for the hot summer months!

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance and Upgrades

One of the most important ways to prepare your home for the hot summer months is annual air conditioner maintenance. You’ll want to escape from skyrocketing outside temperatures in the comfort of your own home and, therefore, you’ll need your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency and capacity. There is some air conditioner maintenance homeowners can complete themselves. For example, all air filters in the air conditioner require regular cleaning. Simply remove the filter and wipe it off with a dry cloth every four to six weeks. When the filter is extremely dirty, use warm water (below 110°F) to clean it, and then dry the filter before replacing.

However, all other HVAC maintenance must be completed by a professionally trained technician. HVAC maintenance is recommended annually, and the months leading up to summer is the perfect time to schedule service. Your system will likely see an increase in usage as the temperatures climb, and you’ll want to make sure there are no problems beforehand. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, two of the most common problems with air conditioners involve faulty installation and maintenance. These are often the end results of homeowners installing and maintaining their units themselves. Additionally, this could void the warranty of your products.

If you want or need to upgrade your air conditioning for the summer, there are a variety of options. For example, ductless units are an affordable way to heat any room. They do not require extensive duct system like many central HVAC systems, which makes their installation very simple. Some also come with heating options, making them viable all year round. Finally, they are so efficient and eco-friendly that they reduce your energy bill and minimize harmful emissions.

There are also technological updates available for your air conditioner. Many air conditioners are now compatible with smartphone applications, meaning that you can control the temperature and airflow from your phone! There are also sensors that adjust the temperature when you enter or exit the room. By taking the necessary steps to prepare your air conditioner system, you’ll be able to relax inside after a fun-filled day in the sun!

Attic Insulation

Air conditioning is not the only way to keep your home cool this summer. You should consider upgrading your home’s insulation to prepare for the hot weather. Your attic is one area that must be properly insulated, and you should check this before the summer. If it is not, the temperature increases drastically and eventually impacts your entire house. Additionally, there is another indirect benefit of checking your attic insulation. Animals look for places to escape the cold winter, so there could be an unwanted tenant living rent-free in your attic. If so, you must call a professional for their humane and safe removal.


Another way to prepare for the warmer months is to install awnings. Awnings provide a litany of benefits for homeowners, especially in the summer months. When installed over your windows, they keep sunlight out of your home. This decreases the indoor temperature and reduces strain on your air conditioner. This also lowers your energy bill and eliminates glare on your television if there is one in the room. Awnings can also sit over a deck or patio to provide a cool, shaded hangout spot.

Deck, Patio, and Sun-room Preparation

Homeowners want to take advantage of the hot weather and socialize outside instead of in their living room. Therefore, you’ll want to prepare any warm weather hangout spots such as your deck, patio, or sun-room. After installing an awning over your deck and patio, make sure the other necessities such as chairs, tables, and your grill are clean and ready for use. The same principle applies in a sun-room. You could also add a ceiling fan to keep your sun-room cool. They are an efficient, cheap, and easy way to cool off your sun-room on a hot day.

Outside Yard Work

Outside Yard Work

After the winter, you’ll finally be able to get outside and tidy up your yard. Make sure your lawnmower and other tools are ready for use, and you’ll have your yard looking pristine and manicured in no time. Many homeowners also garden as a therapeutic escape, and the warmer months are the perfect time to resume this activity.

You’ll also want to make sure your outdoor plumbing such as hoses and sprinklers are ready to hydrate your yard. Finally, you’ll also want to make sure any outdoor play accessories are clean and safe for your children. The warmer months are a rejuvenating time period, so watch as your yard springs back to life!

Roofing Work and Gutters

The warmer months of the year often see an increase in rainfall, and your home must be able to withstand the occasional summer storm. Your roof and gutters serve an important purpose as the first line of defense from rainwater. They must be properly maintained to direct water off and away from your home.

Before the weather warms, clean your gutters of debris such as leaves so rainwater can flow properly. You should also make sure your roof is in prime condition. Clogged gutters and faulty roofing cause leaks, which leads to costly repairs down the road. Leaks can also cause mold and mildew, which lead to health problems for your family.

Roofing Works And Gutters

Prepare Your Home for the Summer!

Summer is a season full of happiness, but you must be ready for its arrival. The preparation for summer begins months in advance, and there are many ways you can make sure your home and property can handle whatever summer throws its way. Make sure your home is ready for the hot weather before the temperatures rise!

Emily Hodges
Emily Hodges
Emily Hodges is a Marketing Communications Specialist for Comfort Up, a provider of indoor and outdoor heating and cooling systems. Emily oversees all marketing related functions from their Miami, FL office. In her spare time, she loves all things interior design and has helped many friends completely renovate their homes.


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