Upgrade Your Child’s Room Over the Holidays

Your children probably have their own room or share a room with their siblings but how often do you give their room an upgrade? Children get bored quickly and it’s important to keep them stimulated and keep them actively engaged in taking responsibility for their area and keeping it clean and tidy. Here are some tips to help you upgrade your child’s room over the holidays.

Choose a Theme

Children love a themed room and it’s a great place to start to get inspiration for colours and furniture to pick out. Choose a theme together with your child and then pick out some bed sheets and a few pieces and pictures to match the theme.

Rather than paint the walls of the room in a colour to suit your theme, paint the walls in a neutral colour like white, light grey or gentle pastel colours. Then add furniture, colourful pictures and extra design elements to the room to complement your chosen theme. Children change their mind all the time and repainting a room can be expensive, while simply changing the bed sheets and a couple of shelf ornaments can transform the appearance of a room without much work at all.

Choose picture frames for the walls that can easily be taken down and fitted with something else, this way you can just print new pictures to match the next theme when you re-decorate instead of having to buy new ones.

You could also choose to refurbish an old piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, to fit in with your new theme. This usually involves giving the item of furniture a sand down and it can then be repainted to fit in with your new theme.

Create a Study Corner

Create A Study Corner

Your children need a place where they can devote all their time to schoolwork and enjoying any budding creative pursuits. While they may enjoy doing their work in a more busy area of the home or in your study, it’s important to also give them their own private place to work if they feel like being alone or need to concentrate. 

Get a small desk and chair, suitable for your child’s age, and stick up a few posters, frames or pictures on the walls around it to create their very own study area. You can also add things like a cup or bucket of crayons and some craft paper and colouring books. 

Their Bed is their Best Comfort

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good quality bed for your child. Children love to climb and hide, so have a look at these mid sleeper beds available here for some options for a bed which allow them to do so safely. They can climb up the ladder onto the elevated bed area and the area underneath the bed can be used to create a sheet fort or turned into a play, study or storage area.

Add Some Colour

Add Some Colour

We’ve mentioned previously that you should stick to a neutral paint colour for your child’s room, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some colour. Add colour to the room with brightly coloured bed sheets, pillows and wall decal stickers. A brightly coloured bean bag can make a comfortable reading corner. Also consider getting a coloured children’s rug to match your theme, there are loads of children’s rugs available in character or movie themes or with play roads on them.

Have a look at these DIY lighting projects you can do at home with your children.

A Chalk Board Wall is a Great Addition

I don’t think parents will ever understand the fascination with writing on the wall, but children love it. So get ahead of them by painting a wall or an area of the wall in chalk board paint so that they can draw freely and let their imagination run.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for upgrading your child’s room, use some of the free time you’ve got with them this holiday season to upgrade their space. They’ll love it and you’ll get to enjoy the extra time spent with them.

Have you upgraded your child’s bedroom recently? What are some of the things you’ve done or included? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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