10 Amazing 3D Printed Pegboard Accessories For Your Workshop

The combination of a 3D printer and a pegboard leaves you with infinite possibilities for storage and organisation in your workshop, garage or study. We’ve found 10 of our favourite 3D printed pegboard accessories to help you out with getting your work space organised and to inspire you to design your own pegboard accessories.

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Pegboard Pliers Holder

3D Printed Pliers Holder
By: Ty Creek

Keep your pliers and snips organised and easily accessible with these pliers holders by Ty Creek.

Tape Holder

Tape Holder
By: Rordaz

Instead of keeping your rolls of tape lying around in a box or drawer, arrange them on this useful shelf made with 3D printed shelf ends by Rordaz and some wooden dowels.

Pegboard Tray

Pegboard Tray
By: Penomo

Perfect for storing your craft knives, pens and even screw drivers, these pegboard trays by Penomo are a must have.

Sunglasses & Safety Glasses Holder

Sunglasses Holder
By: 5hp

Avoid getting your sunglasses or safety glasses scratched and damaged in your drawer by keeping them out of the way on a pegboard glasses holder by 5hp .

Universal Spool Holder

Universal Spool Holder
By: Jterranella

Great for a workshop bench with a 3D printer, keep your filament spools organised and ready to be used with these universal spool holders by Jterranella. You’ll be able to print straight off of the holder.

USB Cable Organiser

USB Cable Holder
By: Futur3gentleman

Organiser your charging cables with a USB cable organiser by Futur3gentleman.

Dremel Tool Holder

Dremel Tool Holder
By: Swanny

A nifty caddy by Swanny for your Dremel rotary-tool to store it permanently or simply as a temporary holder while using it to keep it out of the way.

Hex Bit Organiser

Hex Bit Organiser Pegboard Accessories
By: Idabkey

Instead of keeping your hex bits in a cup or box, keep them organised and ready to use with a pegboard hex bit holder by Idabkey.

Coffee Cup Holder

Coffee Cup Holder
By: NerdAlert3D

Keep your coffee, or your mug when you’re not using it, in a safe place and away from accidental bumps and spills which may ruin your next project by hanging it on your pegboard with this coffee cup holder by NerdAlert3D.

Screwdriver Holder

Screwdriver Pegboard Accessories
By: TyCreek

Free up some space on your pegboard by using these screwdriver holders by TyCreek to store up to 6 on a single holder.

Learn how to get the best, smooth finish on your 3D printed accessories with our detailed guide to finishing off your 3D prints.

Have you 3D printed your own pegboard accessories, storage or organisational tools and holders for use around your home and workshop? Let us know what you’ve made in the comments section below.

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10 Amazing 3D Printed Pegboard Accessories For Your Workshop

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