Whether you’re looking to take your home off grid completely or your’re simply interested in using a few panels here and there to supplement your electrical supply, these solar panel tutorials will certainly help you out. These tutorials offer a range of different panel designs to suite almost every application and every budget.

Homemade 63 Watt Panel

Make this 63 Watt panel using bought cells, perfect for camping or running small household items.

Build A Panel Out Of Damaged Solar Cells

solar panel from damaged solar cells

From: Mnn

Making your own panel doesn’t get cheaper than using damaged solar cells. Build a panel from discarded damaged or cracked solar cells for a really cheap solution. If you’re skeptical about using broken cells, have a look at our test, they really do work.

Glass Frame DIY Solar Panel

Say goodbye to water, moisture and dust by building a panel with a glass frame instead of the conventional wood or aluminium frame. The glass seals the best and provides the best protection against water and dust.

Power Your Apartment With Solar Panels

Create a sustainable living space by combining solar panels and batteries to power your apartment.

Build A Solar Panel Out Of Soda Cans

Save the earth twice by using alternative energy and recycling by making use of old soda cans with this soda can panel.

Folding 15 Watt Panel

If you’re looking for a compact, portable and durable panel for camping or outdoor trips then try out this tutorial.

DIY Swimming Pool Heater

Relax in a warm pool all year round without breaking the bank, this pool heater uses a selection of common hardware to harness the warmth of the sun and in turn use it to heat up your pool’s water.

Home Built Power System

Forget about monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells, this tutorial uses tougher CIGS to keep your electronics running now matter what the weather is like.

Simple DIY Home Power System

diy home solar power system

From: Eartheasy

Bring some of the benefits of electrical power to your off grid home with this basic energy system. This solar panel system enables you to charge devices, provide energy for lights and even power a small refrigerator.

DIY Curved Panel

If you’ve got a lot of broken cells and a curved surface, try making this curved panel.

Have you tried any of these tutorials or built your own solar panels? Let us know in the comments section below.