10 Weekend Projects to Seriously Add Value to your Home

Do you have some free time on the weekends when you’re left wondering what to do? Here some quick and easy weekend projects that almost anyone can do to give your home a face lift and seriously add value.

Swap Out your Fireplace

replaced gas fireplace

Gas Fireplace by Vicon Eco Systems Global

Does your lounge or living area have an existing built in coal or wood burning fireplace? Chances are you don’t use it as much as you should as fires are a pain to start, clean up after and buy fuel for. Consider swapping it out for a gas fireplace, they are much more economical, safer and cheap to run. All you need to do is pull out the old steel work and install the new built in gas unit. The chimney doesn’t even need to be unblocked. Remember to call in an expert when it comes to connecting up the gas as there are bound to be gas regulations in your area.

Add Some Lights This Weekend

modern lighting

Downlight, Coffee by Chad Kainz

Lighting is one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home. Add some ambient lighting to your home to really give it a warm and homely feel. Consider installing down lights, strip lights or a simply replace a light fitting with a new chandelier.

Switch to LED Lighting

led light bulb

LED Light Bulb by Mike Mozart

There is an increasing trend to get your home more eco-friendly and efficient. It may be a bit late to get ahead of the game but switching your lighting to LED lighting will definitely increase its appeal and save you money. Whats even better is that most of the new LED bulbs are made to simply replace the CFL or incandescent bulbs.

Give your Entrance a Fresh Look

Front Door

Front Door by Heather Elias

Up your homes curb appeal this weekend by giving your entrance and front door a fresh look. Its as easy as a coat of paint to your windows and doors and some new plants for your pathway. Your can even go the extra mile and replace the doorknobs and light fittings. If you’re on a budget, add faux paneling to your door to still get that expensive look.

Put a Side Table by your Entrance

entrance table

Old French Table by French Finds

Get a nice modern side table or refurbish and old piece to add a stylish storage space to your homes entrance. The table top is the perfect place for a large vase or ornament and the drawers can be used as functional drop areas for keys, wallets and other items on the go.

Install Moulding

crown molding

Crown Molding by Brian Moloney

Crown moulding and base boards tend not to be the focal point of a room but make quite a big difference when they are missing. Modern crown moulding is really easy to cut and install and is a cheap weekend project.

Get Organised

organised home

Organised Home by jinkazamah

Do you have stuff lying around on all of your shelves and counter tops? Get your home in order by making a place in a cupboard for everything causing clutter. You can also make it easier to reduce clutter up by following these tips and tricks for keeping a clutter free home.

Swap Out A Tap or Faucet

modern faucet

Modern Faucet by Madgerly

Taps and fittings are usually one of the first things to date in a bathroom or kitchen. The good thing is that they are also really easy to change. They usually just have a flexible connection to a hot and cold water supply and a nut or two holding them on. Swap them out for some modern stainless steel mixers, bring the old ones along to ensure that they will fit in the existing holes.

Replace the Shower Head

shower head

Shower Head by Steven Depolo

Over time, shower heads become blocked up with mineral deposits and generally start to look outdated. Clean up your shower head or replace it with a new and more modern one to match your new faucets. You can even get a low flow eco-friendly shower head to save water.

Fix any Holes in your Walls

patching drywall

Patching Drywall by Ken Dyck

A hole in the wall may seem like a pain to get fixed but it really reduces your homes value. It’s actually quite easy to patch drywall yourself and if you are not up to the challenge then a handyman will do it for you in less than a day.

Cover Image: Home Living Room by CileMontgomery. All Images in this post are used under CC BY 2.0
Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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