7 Things To Do Daily To Stay Motivated

Motivation can be difficult to find. We often know what our goals are but struggle to stay motivated in order to reach them and we certainly aren’t going to get there by hoping. We need action!

Not too many people want to go to the gym and workout everyday yet most people want to be fit and healthy, motivation is what we need to bridge the gap and get us there. Once you have figured out where you want to be, do these 7 things daily in order to find the fuel to get you there.

Set Short Term Goals

Your goals are most likely not going to be achieved in a week or even a month and it may become difficult to find motivation during the middle portion of your goal period. Break your goals up into little chunks and you’ll be much more likely to achieve them. For example, instead of saying you’d like to loose 20kg or 45lbs in the next 6 months, rather set your goal on loosing 3.5kg or 7.5lbs a month for the next 6 months. Each month you reach your weight loss goal will give you the required motivation to get through the next month.

Create Reminders

Reminder can be in the form of alerts on your cellphone or physical sticky notes. Either way, use these reminders to keep your goals in mind throughout the day, we often need the extra help in the beginning until it becomes a habit. For example, if you’ve decided you need to drink more water throughout the day, set reminders for every two hours so you don’t find yourself leaving work and realising that the last time you drank water was with lunch.

If you need to get your life more organised in order to meet your goals, have a look at our top 5 apps to get organised with.

Meetup With Friends And Family

Never underestimate how much motivation friends and family can provide for you, especially if you are an extrovert. Bringing a close friend or family member into your goal can provide you the extra motivation you need on the bad days.

Stay Motivated With Music

If you struggle with the daily tasks required to achieve your long term goals, music may help you to set the tone. Create a slow and classic playlist to wind down and de-stress or a rock playlists to wake up and keep moving. A good playlist is especially useful for tasks which take time, like cleaning up the house, going to gym or just finding the time to relax.

Keep An Eye On Your Progress

Keep a journal or document your progress and remember to keep looking back on the progress you’ve made. When you see how far you’ve come, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated to continue moving towards your goal, however far it may seem.

Update Your Wardrobe

How you dress is often reflected in the work you do and it can give you the confidence you need to pursue your goals. It doesn’t even need to be a complete outfit, just a need item of clothing or accessory can go a long way. You could even reward yourself for achieving your daily steps towards your goal, put a portion of money away each day you are able to work towards your goal. Once you reach your goal, you’ll be able to reward yourself with a new watch, accessory, item of jewelry or gadget.

Try To Keep It Fun

Always try and add an element of fun to your goals and enjoy the work involved in reaching them. When we lose the enjoyment, we often give up on the goal itself. You need to get creative, a funky water bottle for your drink more water goal, a new fitness watch for your weight loss, having a friend join you running, small things help to bring the fun and excitement back into a task and stay motivated.

Keeping your home clutter free is a good way to stay motivated, you’ll spend less time worrying about things or trying to find things and have more time to do the things you love and to achieve your goals.

How do you stay motivated in your day to day life? Share your advice, tips and tricks with us in the comments section below.

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7 Things to do daily to stay motivated

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