Get Organised With These Top 5 Free Apps

Here are six of the best iPhone apps to help you get organised this month. There are literally thousands of planning and organising apps in the app store but these 6 have the basics covered and we find ourselves keep coming back to them. So we’ve shared them with you to try out too.

Get Organised


itrackmytime organisation appiTrackMyTime is perhaps not an app which you would use long term but it certainly helps you to open you eyes and bring some insights into how you go about your day. You simply press start when you begin an activity and stop when you change activities. At the end of the day you’ll be presented with a neat report on how you’ve spent your time during the day. Now you can accurately see how long you spend reading emails, in meetings, driving, fetching the kids etc.





evernote organisation appEvernote is one of the oldest apps on the list and it’s one of the most versatile. It allows you to organise and store recipes, documents, tutorials, Instructables, websites and web pages you’d like to get back to, cooking ideas and news articles, the list goes on. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it comes with a desktop application as well, so everything is automatically organised between your phone and computer.






cozi organisation appCozi is the perfect app to manage and get your everyday life organised, including shopping lists, to do lists and family calendars. Again, they have a computer and phone app which sync together to keep you updated wherever you are. One of the more useful features is its’ ability to make lists for different stores so that you just need to open the one applicable to the store you’re currently in.

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mvelopes organisation appTake control of your finances and get your budgeting organised with Mvelopes. You add your bank accounts from a range of popular institutions, allocate budget amounts for your monthly expenses and then use the app to stay on track. You’ll get a monthly progress report to help you understand exactly where your money is going, helping you to cut down on unneccissary expenses and start increasing your monthly savings.

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myfitnesspal organisation appThis app may not strike you as an organisation app but tracking your food consumption and exercise takes you one step closer to getting your life in order. This has to be the best and easiest to use food tracking app. It has a built in database of literally every food you can think of, including a barcode scanner which allows you to track your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and compare them to the exercise you’ve done throughout the day, the perfect partner for your diet.



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Do you use any amazing organisation apps which we have left off this list? Let us know in the comments sections below so that we can try them out.

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