8 Amazingly Affordable Ideas For A Kitchen Makeover

It’s a great feeling to give a room in your home a complete makeover, and it doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. We’ve put together this list of 8 things you can do for a DIY kitchen makeover while sticking to a tight budget. These also don’t require any extensive remodelling work to be done, so you can get most of these done in a day or two – the perfect project for your weekend at home.

Let have a look at what you can do…

A Coat Of Paint Can Make A Big Difference

Before deciding to throw out your old cabinets, consider just giving them a coat of paint. If the wood isn’t damaged and they’re in reasonably good condition, a fresh coat of paint and some new handles can make a huge difference and transform old dated cabinets into modern looking cabinets without spending much money on them. Whites and light greys are really effective at modernising old cabinets.

Just upscaling your existing cabinets can really go a long way to transforming your kitchen and making it look brand new!

a coat of paint can make a big difference

Replace Your Cabinet Handles

This one goes hand in hand with the previous tip, replacing your handles once you’ve given your cabinet’s a few coat of paint can make them look like they’ve just been installed. Even simply replacing dated looking handles on your old cabinets without painting them can give your kitchen an instant modern touch.

Remove The Doors On One Overhead Cabinet

Remove the doors on one of your overhead cabinets and replace the inside shelves with thick shelves to match your countertops for a beautifully modern touch. It is quite common for modern kitchen to feature a set of overhanding shelves or glass door cabinets to display glassware or some stylish kitchen decor.

Pick An Accent Colour For Your Kitchen Makeover

An accent colour gives your kitchen a bit of life without making it look cluttered or messy. Pick one accent colour to compliment your kitchens primary, white, grey or black colour and choose your ornaments and decor to match. Pack away any items which don’t fit your colour scheme so that they aren’t visible.

You can even add a splash of colour with some paint to a shelf, vase or edging to compliment your decor. Have a look at these natural upgrades you can do to give your home a touch of rustic serenity.

Replace The Lighting

New light fittings can really modernise your kitchen, especially if your home still has the original or really simple light fittings. There is a huge selection of modern light fittings and they’ve become really affordable. For under $100 you can upscale your kitchen with a bright and modern light fitting which shouldn’t take more than an hour to fit.

upgrade your kitchen lighting

Install Under Cabinet LED Light Strips Or Downlight

Lets be honest, no modern kitchen is complete without under cabinet led lighting or down lights which can be dimmed to create a luxurious feel. LED light strips can be bought for just a few dollars and they plug right in to your kitchen sockets. Dimmable LED strip lights which have been well placed under your overhanging  cabinets can be really effective in complimenting your new light fitting.

De-Clutter Your Shelves And Countertops

This one should go without saying, clutter detracts from your kitchens style. Pack away any loose items or appliances which you do not regularly use. Try to keep only the essentials and appliances which compliment your colour scheme out on your counters, everything else should find a home in a cupboard or cabinet. Have a look at these tips and tricks to make your kitchen a more organised and clutter free space.

Put Up A Notice Board

The kitchen is often the hub of your home. Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner or getting your kids ready for school, a notice board can help with your organisation and remembering what needs to be done or bought. Instead of hanging notes and slips of paper on your refrigerator, put up a nice big, framed notice board as a decor piece in your kitchen.

Hopefully this list has given you the inspiration required to get your going on your kitchen makeover! Do you have any other ideas for a budget kitchen makeover? Let us know in the comments section below.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
Hi, my name is Michael and I started this blog in 2016 to share my DIY journey with you. I love tinkering with electronics, making, fixing, and building - I'm always looking for new projects and exciting DIY ideas. If you do too, grab a cup of coffee and settle in, I'm happy to have you here.


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