These simple hacks make doing your DIY projects around the house quicker and easier. Some of these ideas will help you with a single project and others can be used to make all of your projects easier.

DIY Soda Can Tab Picture Hanger

Make a simple picture or mirror hanger  with a soda can tab, its strong, functional and doesn’t get any cheaper.

Magnet On Hammer

Attach a magnet to the base of your hammer to make a clever storage place for the nails you are working with.

Cover Up Holes

Use a wax crayon to cover up small nail holes in wood or on the wall, you’ll hardly notice them with this 5 second trick.

pegboard bottle holders

Recycle old soda bottles to keep screws, nuts, bolts etc stored neatly on your peg board.

gluegun detail work

Modify your glue gun with a ball inflation needle to get a thin bead of glue for detail work.

wrench caddy

Use a carabiner clip as a useful wrench caddy to keep your wrenches in order and in one place.

battery caddy

Make a battery dispenser to keep your new batteries organised. Mount it on your wall in your workshop for easy access and to keep your batteries organised.

remove tool rust

Remove rust on your tools by soaking them overnight in vinegar and salt. The vinegar and salt help to remove the rust and prevent the tool from rusting further.

extension cord holder

Install a rope hook near your power outlets to ensure that your power tools don’t become unhooked while you are using them. Perfect for the lawn mower or edge trimmer.

plastic bottle cutter

Make a plastic bottle cutter and recycle your old plastic bottles into strong plastic rope.

credit card glue spreader

Recycle an old credit card and turn it into a handy glue spreader for your woodwork projects.

Once you’ve mastered these DIY hacks, you’ll want to put them to good use, have a look at our 10 weekend projects to seriously add value to your home, or if your have a bit more time, here are 8 more involved projects to increase your home’s value.

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