How To Replace A Damaged Or Cracked iPhone 5s Screen

Do you have an old iPhone 5S lying around your home with a cracked or damaged screen? Did you know that you can repair the screen at home quite inexpensively and then make us of it again or sell it for some extra cash. All you need is a replacement screen which is widely available online with the required small toolset for around $15 – $30 (depending on the quality). This repair usually takes around 30-45 minutes and the guide below will show you step by step how to do it.

Most of the replacement screens available online come bundled with a small toolkit. While these are not the best quality tools, they are sufficient to do the repair once or twice. If you do damage the tools during the repair, you can buy the small tool kits individually online as well, I’ve provided some suggested links below.

For other model iPhones, have a look at the guides below:

What You Will Need To Replace Your iPhone 5S Screen

  • Replacement Screen & Tool Kit
  • iPhone Repair Tool Kit – Buy Here
    • Note – your replacement kit may come with a basic tool kit. This is usually good enough to get the job done but the screw driver heads often strip after a few screws.
  • Cheap Replacement Screen & Tool Kit

How to Replace your iPhone 5S Screen

Replacing your iPhone 5S screen is done in four stages, first you’ll need to remove the old screen from your phone, then you’ll need to remove the additional components from your old screen, then install the components onto your new screen and finally install the new screen onto your phone.

The most important part of this replacement is to keep your screws really well organised. You need to know exactly which screw came out of which hole in each bracket or component. There are a number of different sized screws in your phone and installing the incorrect one may damage the hole or the surrounding components. I like to draw a quick sketch of each bracket or component and lay the screws onto the sketch over the corresponding holes.

Also be very careful when opening your iPhone 5S the first time, the home button ribbon cable is right at the bottom of the screen and may tear if you pull up on it too hard.

Lastly, the ribbon cable connectors simply snap into place and are easily removed by sliding your plastic spudger under the edge of the connector and popping it up. To reconnect, align the connector with the one on the body of the phone and simply press down gently to snap it back into place.

Here is the complete video guide to replacing the screen:

Good luck with the repair and let us know how it goes for you in the comments section below.

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