How To Replace A Shattered Screen on an iPhone 7

Almost everyone who owns an iPhone has dropped it at some stage and no matter how well the cover protects it, occasionally the drop results in a cracked or shattered screen. Getting the screen replaced by the manufacturer is usually really expensive and in reality it is actually quite a simple fix. You can buy an affordable replacement from Amazon or eBay for around $20 – $40 dollars (depending on the quality) and it takes around a half hour to an hour to do if it is your first time.

In this guide, we’ll show you step by step how to replace your screen on your iPhone 7. Although this guide is done specifically on an iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is very similar inside as well.

Most of the replacement screens you’ll find on Amazon or eBay come with the tools required to do the replacement as well. These tools are not the best quality but they do get the job done, you’ll just need to be careful not to strip the heads of the screw drivers as this is really easy to do.

Have a look at this guide if you’re looking to replace the screen on an iPhone 6 or 6s.

What You Will Need To Replace Your iPhone 7 Screen

  • Replacement Screen
  • iPhone Repair Tool Kit – Buy Here
    • Note – your replacement kit may come with a basic tool kit. This is usually good enough to get the job done but the screw driver heads often strip after a few screws.

How to Replace your iPhone 7 Screen

The replacement of your iPhone 7 screen is done in four stages, first you’ll remove the existing screen, then you’ll need to remove the components which you still need to use, then install these components onto the new screen and finally install the new screen on your iPhone.

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing this replacement is to keep your screws well organised. The screws inside your iPhone are different types, sizes and lengths and it is very important that you put the correct screws in the correct place. It is easy to get confused and lose track of your screws. I like to draw a quick sketch of each bracket or component and lay the screws onto the sketch over the hole they came out of.

The next thing you may not be familiar with is the ribbon cable connectors. These are very fine connectors which simply “snap” into place, similar to Lego. To separate them, you can slide your pry tool underneath the connector and pop it off. To connect them again, make sure that they two are correctly lined up and simply pressed down on top of the connector and you’ll feel it snap into place.

Here is the complete video guide to replacing the screen:


Here is a summary of the steps involved in replacing your iPhone screen:

  1. Turn off the iPhone.
  2. Use the pentalobe screw driver to remove the two screws at the bottom of the phone.
  3. Position the suction cup on the screen near the bottom in an uncracked section.
  4. Pull the screen away from the body of the phone and insert your pry tool to gently lift it away. Be careful not to stick the tool in too far or you might damage the ribbon cables.
  5. Slide the pry tool down the edges of the phone from the bottom to the top to loosen the side clips.
  6. Slide the screen down and out of the clips at the top of the body of the phone.
  7. Use the tri-point screw driver to remove the four screws on the battery and digitizer cover plate.
  8. Remove the cover plate and use your pry tool to unclip the ribbon cable connectors using your pry tool.
  9. Remove the two camera cover plate screws.
  10. Remove the cover plate and again use the pry tool to unclip the ribbon cable connectors.
  11. The old screen should now be free.
  12. Remove the four screws on the camera and ear piece cover plate on the old screen.
  13. Remove the cover plate and then the remaining two screws, the ear piece should then come loose.
  14. Use your pry tool to gently lift the ribbon cable assembly off of the screen body. Be careful not to pull the ribbon cable too hard or you may tear it or damage some of the components.
  15. Remove the four screws securing the home button assembly.
  16. Remove the cover plate, then unclip the ribbon cable connector.
  17. Fold the top connector back and then gently pry the ribbon cable assembly away from the screen body. Feed the home button assembly through the front of the screen.
  18. Remove the 6 screws securing the large cover plate on the back of the old screen.
  19. Gently pry the ribbon cable away from the back of this cover plate along the bottom edge.
  20. Position the cover plate onto the new screen and make sure that the ribbon cables are neatly positioned behind the cover plate without being folded over or crushed.
  21. Replace the 6 screws on this large cover plate.
  22. Replace the home button assembly, these is a small black plastic peg which is used to locate it.
  23. Clip in the ribbon cable connector.
  24. Replace the home button assembly cover plate and screws.
  25. Remove the adhesive strip cover on the top of the screen by the ear piece.
  26. Replace the camera sensor assembly and then the ear piece.
  27. Replace the cover plate and 6 screws to secure the components. Make sure that they are all in the correct positions and are aligned correctly. The components should not be forced or squashed by the bracket or they may break.
  28. Remove any left over sticky residue from the edges of the phone body. This residue forms a “gasket” which keeps the iPhone water resistant.
  29. If your replacement screen came with a replacement gasket, fit it now and make sure that it lines up with the edges of the phone body.
  30. Clip in the camera ribbon cable connector and replace the cover plate and 2 screws.
  31. Clip in the battery and digitizer ribbon cable connectors.
  32. You should now test the screen and make sure that everything works correctly before sticking the screen down with the new gasket. If it all works correctly then you can start closing up the phone. If not, check all of the ribbon cable connectors, they may not be seated correctly.
  33. Slide the top of the screen into the phone body.
  34. Then work from top to bottom pressing the sides of the screen down and onto the new gasket.
  35. Finally, snap the bottom edge into place and then replace the two pentalobe screws.
  36. Test the phone again to make sure that everything you’ve moved still functions correctly and you’re finished.

Good luck with the repair and let us know how it goes for you in the comments section below.

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