Make a Celebrity Style Lounge Area in Your Backyard

If you have a backyard, you can consider yourself lucky, as you’re already blessed with extra space in the fresh air that you can use to relax or have guests over. Sometimes people get too distracted with various ideas that they tend to make mistakes when it comes to designing the lounge. It’s understandable, since suggestions are everywhere, so it’s easy to get carried away. But do you know who seldom makes a mistake? Celebrities. Their homes and backyards are always immaculate, so if you’re looking to redesign your lounge area, take some advice from the most stylish people in Hollywood.

Reese Witherspoon’s dreamy backyard with a vegetable garden

Well, of course, we’re starting this list with Reese, the ultimate queen of everything cool. Her California property boasts a gorgeous backyard equipped with an outdoor kitchen, a swimming pool, an outdoor fireplace, a spa, and a vegetable garden. What’s not to love there? Obviously, no one expects you to have all that. After all, you’re not a Hollywood celebrity. But, what you can do is take some inspiration from Reese. For example, you can build your own DIY fireplace to replicate the stylish celebrity home look. And if you’re just as obsessed with green smoothies as Reese is, you can start your own veggie garden so you always have some greens on hand.

Next to Reese’s swimming pool, there’s a beautiful lounge area, so if you already have a pool, make sure to create a sitting area where you can relax and sunbathe during the hot summer months. If not, you can still have a lovely place only for yourself and your family.

vegetable garden

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s perfectly private backyard retreat

This reality star has a gorgeous Mediterranean-styled villa that, of course, has a breathtaking backyard with a huge plot of grass and a lounge area with sunbeds and potted plants. So it’s perfect for tanning and relaxing with a book. The whole area is super private and secluded, so it’s ideal for dinner parties and children playdates. If you think your backyard lounge could use some privacy, consider adding privacy panels or a screen of curtains. You could also go with a green living wall – simply plant some shrubs and plants and voila – you’ve got your own private retreat!

Since the style of this reality star’s house is inspired by Mediterranean Italy, it’s no wonder that the entire side of their home overlooking the lounge is covered with elegant stone wall cladding, which further ensures the Mediterranean vibe even in the middle of Nashville.

backyard retreat outdoor lounge area

Lea Michele’s beautifully decorated patio with cozy rugs

The former Glee actress said herself that, when she was looking to buy a home, she needed something that would be her refuge from the noise, close to mountains and nature. So her backyard has a pool (duh, it’s Hollywood, everyone has a pool!) and a lot of grass surfaces. However, all of that would be nothing without a lovely patio area. Equipped with stylish outdoor furnishings and chic outdoor rugs to cozy up the place, the California dream patio looks perfectly welcoming and is ideal for evening dinners with the closest friends. Since Lea is known to be a great hostess, it’s no wonder she wanted her secret garden to be both elegant and comfortable for her guests. To make your own patio area more inviting, try to incorporate chic textiles. Pillows, blankets, and floor coverings are all great finishing touches to a comfy patio – just make sure to stick to a limited color scheme so that everything looks cohesive.

cozy rugs

Jared Leto’s gorgeously outdoor lounge with tropical plants

We know he can transform himself into almost any character and that being in a band also suits him, but Jared Leto also knows how to make a perfect-looking backyard. His place looks more like tropical heaven rather than a typical Californian backyard somewhere in Hollywood Hills. He has a pool surrounded by a lot of greenery and everything’s paved in gorgeous dark stones which just adds even more elegance to the place.

If you want to transform your outdoor area into a tropical heaven à la Jared Leto, add palm trees, various bushes, ferns, begonias, and large-leaf plants. These will help create shade and add more privacy to your backyard. Aside from planting exotic-looking greenery, you can also add water features and tropical decor, install bamboo fencing, and build your own Tiki bar to create your own tropical paradise DIY-style.

tropical plants outdoor  lounge area

So, it’s obvious that celebrities have more resources to create their dream homes than us regular folks. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t dream big!

Instead of spending obscene amounts of money, try to be as creative as possible, so that your friends will be stunned by your new outdoor lounge area. Aim to create a sitting space that’s stylish and relaxing and feel free to use these celebrity examples as an inspiration.

Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer, passionate writer and proud auntie. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. “Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws his own portrait.” Jean - Paul Sartre


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