5 Cleaning Tips To Rid Your Home Of Dust

Have you finished dusting and cleaning your home only to notice a layer has formed again after a few hours? It almost seems impossible to get rid of the dust that has accumulated in your home! Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to do, you just need to make sure you’re cleaning the right things to get rid of as much dust as possible with each clean.

If you’ve got allergies due to dust in your home, have a look at our 7 tips to reduce home allergies.

Wipe The Furniture Down With Wet Wipes

Wet wipes quickly capture the dirt and keep it trapped so there is less risk of the dust rising into the air again. By using a wet cloth and rinsing it out in a bucket, by the third or fourth rinse you start rubbing the dust trapped in the water back onto the furniture, it dries and again rises into the air. Use a new wipe for each large item of furniture once a week for the best results. You could even try making your own wet wipes.

Dust All Of Your Furniture

Dust settles on everything in your home and so you need to dust everything as well. Just dusting the surfaces you use often or which look dirty means you’re leaving dust around your home which can easily be spread. Next time you’re dusting, remember to clean your mirrors, television, picture frames and decor.

To make extra sure you’re getting all of the dust, vacuum your couch or sofa once a week as well. It settles on the fabric and is thrown up into the air every time somebody sits down or stands up.

Wash Your Curtains

You should wash all of your curtains in your home at least once a season. Being so close to the windows and draughts, they accumulate a lot of dust along the seams and in the folds which is then blown into your home whenever you open and close the curtains.

Brush Dust From The Corners

Get yourself a soft bristled dusting brush and start using it to brush dust out of the corners and small gaps. You’ll be surprised at how much accumulates in the spaces you can’t reach with a cloth or wet wipe.

Wipe Down Your Plants

Plants are often put in a corner, watered and left alone. No one ever thinks to clean them, they clean themselves right? Actually they don’t, plants stay clean outdoors because of the rain and wind, when you’ve put them indoors they will need a wipe down every now and again. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth from time to time to keep them clean.

That’s it, just by doing these five things, your home will already be a whole lot cleaner and you’ll notice a drastic decrease in the amount of dust which builds up.

Now that you’re dusting properly, here are some more things you should be cleaning around the house but probably aren’t.

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5 Cleaning Tips To Rid Your Home Of Dust

Cover Image: Cleaning Wipes by United Soybean Board used and modified under CC BY 2.0

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