7 Ways Modern Technology Can Improve Various Industrial Sectors

Modern technology has brought forth numerous benefits for various leading industries. Things such as modern machinery, artificial intelligence, the IoT, blockchain, and extended reality make huge changes in the industries they manage to penetrate.

The technology itself experienced some significant innovations and will only continue to do so. That is why every business nowadays should look for ways to implement modern technologies in their offer. Otherwise, they risk becoming entirely obsolete. So, let’s see how modern technology can improve various industrial sectors of today.

The IoT

The IoT

The main idea behind the internet of things is to enable people to more easily connect to everything and everyone. As such, it is the perfect tool for businesses looking to improve their operations. For instance, the IoT can change the way products are being designed and created. Not only that but it can also greatly influence the way those products are being presented to the audience. When combined with machine learning, the IoT can help industries tailor their offers better which will increase the response and engagement those industries will receive.

Extended reality

Virtual, augmented and mixed realities are already being implemented in various industries. From the entertainment industry and education to healthcare and home improvement industry. For instance, staging showing and even pretend-decorating a home has been made significantly easier thanks to VR and AR. Nowadays, thanks to virtual reality, you can view a property from the comfort of your own home, without necessarily having to drive all the way to the property’s location. On a similar note, you can use AR to virtually equip the space with different types of furniture, which is greatly useful for interior designers and decorators around the world.

B2B online marketplaces

Since the majority of businesses from various industries have already shifted their ventures online, it comes as no surprise that B2B online marketplaces have experienced such growth in 2019. This year, we can only expect them to grow and develop further. Aside from brick and mortar commerce, industries such as the gas and oil industry will also notice huge benefits this online market will present them with. Not only will it be easier for these giants to obtain the necessary working tools, such as high-quality oilfield equipment, but they can now do so from sellers located all around the world. Online marketplaces have become seriously effective nowadays, and with the use of AI-powered shipping software and streamlined transportation tools like drones, most of the local deliveries could be performed within hours.

Recognition software

Recognition Software

Recognition software is another piece of modern technology that found its place in various industries. Businesses dealing with security, fashion, construction and even autonomous vehicle production can greatly benefit from implementing some type of image or face recognition in their endeavor. For instance, the fashion industry embraced this trend by creating an app that recognizes outfit pieces worn by photographed individuals. Once you take and upload a picture of – let’s say – a certain pair of shoes, you can learn all the information necessary about the shoes in question, such as the manufacturer, where to buy them and how much they cost.


Blockchain-based currencies have been steadily gaining in popularity. That is just one of the reasons that this piece of technology will continue to rise steadily. More and more businesses will start using blockchain not just to offer their audience an alternative method of payment, but also to improve the overall security. Since blockchain is virtually impossible to hack and tamper with, it becomes quite obvious why more industries should embrace it.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has became an integral part of a modern-day business world. Moreover, cloud computing jobs are among the most in demand tech jobs in the world. The simple fact that the cloud doesn’t need to be maintained and updated on a regular basis – at least not by its users – says a lot about this piece of modern tech. Thanks to cloud computing, businesses can nowadays group together and unify all of their business information and documents that can be easily accessible by anybody with proper authority – anywhere in the world. This, of course, eliminates the need for some other type of file and information sharing solutions. It also makes the entire process significantly faster. And since in the business world time is money, it’s understandable why so many industries choose to stop wasting it.



Finally, when they first appeared on the market, drones were mostly used for military purposes. Soon after that, they’ve become widely available and everyone could get themselves a flying, remote-operated set of eyes. Nowadays, drones are being used in various industries more than ever. Amazon, the leading online shopping giant, is working on implementing drones in their delivery services. Moreover, drones are also being used as an additional home security system. They’re also being used in the healthcare industry to deliver things to different sections of hospitals; in various warehouses not only to monitor the employees but also to ensure that everyone’s safe.

As you can see, modern technology truly has the power to bring the entire industrial sector to a whole new level. Therefore, no matter the industry you’re operating in, check out some of these pieces of modern technology and see how you can use them to better your business efforts.

Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller
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