The Best Cleaning Shortcuts For 2020

Not very many people enjoy cleaning, so we’re all looking for ways to make cleaning a bit quicker and easier. Here’s a list of our favourite cleaning shortcuts for 2020 to help you get your home looking great without too much time and effort.

Slip a paper towel tube or toilet roll over the end of your vacuum hose. This allows you to squash the end of the tube to fit into all those gaps which were previously hard to reach, think window and door sliders, between the couch cushions and in the corners of cupboards and drawers. The cardboard also won’t scratch or damage your trim, walls or furniture.

place your cutlery into the container

Clean your silver jewellery and cutlery with baking soda, salt and aluminium foil. The reaction removes the silver tarnish, doesn’t damage your jewellery and doesn’t require any rubbing or brushing.

Are your glasses and cutlery coming out of the dishwasher cloudy?  Most people think that this is because they’re not using enough rinse aid or salt. If you use tablets in your dishwasher then its more likely that you’re using too much rinse aid. These tablets are typically designed to be “all in one” so they don’t require you to add rinse aid and salt to your machine as well. In fact, some machines ask you if you are using a tablet and then do not dose extra rinse aid into the water.

Dish Soap Dispensing Brush

Hang a soap dispensing dish brush in your shower. Instead of having to give your shower a big clean every week, hang a dish brush with some liquid in it in your shower and get into a habit of giving the shower a quick clean after every use. It’ll still be hot and the grime won’t have dried in place so it’ll be quicker and easier to keep clean in the long run.

If you’ve got unexpected guests coming over to your home, here’s a guide to fake a clean and tidy home in under 15 minutes – your guests won’t suspect a thing.

Cleaning Laundry Detergent Cap

If you find your laundry detergent cap getting sticky and messy from the liquid, especially when you buy larger containers, just throw the cap in with your next load. It’ll come out looking new again and requires no effort from you to clean.

Your dishwasher is not just for dishes, you can actually clean quite a few different things in the dishwasher, from kids toys to some home decor items. You can even get dinner done at the same time by cooking salmon in your dishwasher.

Ice cubes help lift furniture imprints from your carpets. Simply place a cube on the indent and let it melt. Use some paper towel to absorb the water and allow it to dry and your carpet will be as good as new again.

11 Baking Soda Hacks You Need To Try

A cup of baking soda will deodorise your closet. Simply place an open cup of baking soda into the corner of your cupboard to absorb any moisture and reduce that musty or damp smell. Also, have a look at these other baking soda hacks which you need to try.

Coffee grounds make a great eco-friendly and gentle scourer to clean your pots and pans. Use a tablespoon of spent coffee grounds to make washing your dirty pots and pans a breeze. You can also use your spent coffee grounds in the garden as a natural fertilizer.

Now that you’ve got some shortcuts lined up to keep you home clean, you’ll have more time for your next DIY project. Let us know how else you’ve saved time cleaning your home in the comments section below.

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The Best Cleaning Shortcuts For 2020

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